How to remove deep pimple marks from the skin; Treatment of Pimple; How to remove dark scar from skin

The common problem occurring in the younger people is the Pimple and if pimple is cured than scar of deep pimple mark will remain on the face until proper cure has not been taken.

Following care should be taken in the treatment of black spots or deep marks of pimple in the skin.

1. Always wash your mouth after 2 or 3 hours, so the perspiration will not cause any problem.
2. Always wash your face after coming at home from journey because there will be a chance of infection from dust on the face.
3. Take steam-bath so the pores in the skin will be opened and thus the dust or blockage of pores in the skin will be removed.
4. Use Aloe-vera cream that will most effective for the skin treatment and have natural properties that can easily remove dark spots from the skin.
5. Use branded creams instead of general and cheapest cream that may cause a infection problem with the skin.
6. Drink water as much time as you can, that will remove the unwanted contents from the body by urination.
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