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Jaundice is in simple language we can say that it is yellow color in skin, eye and dark yellowish colored urination.It is otherwise called as yellow skin and eye or jaundice.

Metabolic change in the body
Yellowish colored urine is because of increased bilirubin and bile salts in our liver, thus this salt cause yellow urination and eye is also yellowish as we can see the difference clearly in Jaundice.

Signs and symptoms of jaundice
*We can not eat anything and if we eat,than there is sever pain in our stomach due to inflamed liver (Abdominal pain).
*Our appetite is less than routine.
*We are feeling that we will have vomiting after sometime and it may be or not.
*Our total body energy is completely loss.we are feeling that we have no energy to do anything.
*Eye color is changed in yellowish color as shown in figure below.
Jaundice-yellowish eye *Sometimes skin also change it's color in sever condition of Jaundice ans below in figure.
Yellowish skin-Hand(Jaundice) Care taken during Jaundice
*We should eat Glucose or sucrose in order to keep energy in our body.
*Tomato juice is valuable medicine and home made medicine for the treatment of Jaundice.
*Home made remedies of Jaundice are using Sugarcane Juice,Lemon,Almonds, Dried Dates and Cardamoms,Snake Gourd Leaves,Barley Water.
*Do not exercise while you are suffering from Jaundice.
*Take light weight food in fast.
*Do not eat the oily food, fast food or any snakes and restaurant food during Jaundice.
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