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Blood pressure is in-short called as BP, which is exerted by the pressure on blood vessels by the circulating blood throughout the body.Blood vessels can consist f any vein, artery in our body.Generally blood pressure can be divided in to two parts like systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.The instrument used for measuring blood pressure is called as sphygmomanometer.The image below shows the instrument.

Measurement of Blood Pressure
1. Noninvasive measurement
2.Invasive measurement
they are further divided into folowing methods.
1. Noninvasive measurement-
-Palpation method
-Auscultatory method
-Oscillometric method
-White-coat hypertension
-Home monitoring

2.Invasive measurement do not have any subtypes.

Blood pressure ismaintained by homeostatis of our body and if it falls bellow 80 Hgmm and rise above 120 Hgmm than is is critical condition.General range for BP is 90-110 Hgmm,here Hgmm is the unite for measurement of blood pressure.
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