Blogger-A big place for blogging ; I like blogging

I have seen that many people wants to express them self by being a blogger, they blogging just for fun and express them self to the world, I was also used a blogging just for entertain my self and I have mad a my friends blog- to tell the worlds that they are my friends.I have made around 10-12 blogs on blogger plateform and I feel that it is quite easy to use than wordpress.
My current blog for news and updates is also on the blogger plateform ;I like blogging:)

Advantage of blogging:
1.I think is the best plateform to blogging.
2.You can make money by showing adsense ads on your blog for free.
3.Easy to use system.
4.Easy to share and change the tamplate and make a post.
5.All function are easy to use.
6.It is powered by Google.

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