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I have heard from many people that they want to know how to earn money from internet? as the question says first of all the main question comes in our mind is that is it true to earn money from Internet?
For me at the first site, it was scam and not of any use before 5 years, but Now I can Say it is true and we can also earn money from Internet with my blog.
I got my first earning in the form of check from Google Inc.
I had worked a lot for that and in return they also gave me a lot.

What is Google Adsense ???
--> Google adsense is the advertisement programme for run by Google Inc for the publisher, that shows a relavant ads on the pages published by publisher and when user clicks on ads, that publisher will get revenue from the click in to his/her account.

You will get your money when your account reaches 100 $, you can get payment via cheque, and other method(In India Google adsense gives money through cheques only).
You can see Google adsense payment schedule in India.

For more information about Google adsense and working, you can try our resource about Google adsense.
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