Tsunami in Japan Due to Earthquake of 8.9 Magnitude-Massive Earthquake Triggers Tsunami in Japan

Tsunami in Japan Due to Earthquake of 8.9 Magnitude.
According to related resource, an Earthquake of 8.9 Magnitude cause the Tsunami in Japan, This Earthquake hit Japan’s northeastern Honshu Island.Around 4 meters height Tsunami has hit the country’s coastlines.There is a warning that about 10 meters Tsunami has been issued,The earthquake has been happened at around 2.46 pm local time (05:46 GMT), the epicenter of which was 373 km away from Tokyo, said the US Geological survey.
This earthquake has been created around 4 millions home without electricity.tsunami warnings has been issued in Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hawaii, Guam and Philippines.
An 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan Friday, setting off a tsunami that washed away buildings and triggering tsunami warnings across the Pacific. You can watch the video of that here.

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